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Ham's labyrinth is a procedurally generated single player dungeon adventure game for the PC.

You play as "Ham", a wandering adventurer who possesses a magic hambone weapon that allows her to never worry about food while on the road. No matter how much she eats, the magic hambone replenishes itself! With the aid of her never-ending hambone, Ham has decided that she'll be the first adventurer to make it to the bottom of the infamous labyrinth below her mountain village.

Each maze level is randomly generated when you enter the labyrinth. Once you start exploring the labyrinth, you'll encounter all sorts of monsters, traps, and treasure. Defeating monsters and/or completing a maze will award you Experience points. When you gain enough experience, you will be able to level up your character in town. Level up bonuses include, but are not limited to, combat, health, damage resist, and light bonuses. The light stat determines how illuminated the dungeon is around you.

Low light:

Increased light:

Ham's Labyrinth is being created using Unreal Engine 4 and will initially be released for PC.

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